Stair Climbers for Patient Transport

League of Friends presenting new stair climber to Patient Transport team

The Patient Transport Service at Salisbury District Hospital would like to thank the League of Friends for purchasing two stair climbers.

In Salisbury we have five non-urgent patient transport service vehicles and now have nearly all the vehicles fitted with the Stair Climbers. The Stair Climber comes from a company in Germany, who also have a base in England. Training was provided to some staff within present transport in order that those staff could become trainee-trainers, passing on skills to the remaining ambulance crews and this has worked well.

The chairs are used for patients who are frail or are unable to get up and down stairs, instead of the patients being conveyed on old style carry chairs which are uncomfortable and feel very unsettling for the patients when they are manually carried up and down stairs. The patients are conveyed on the stair climber with two ambulance staff who do not physically lift the chair as it moved hydraulically. The Stair Climber has armrests and a comfort support for patient’s feet and a full upper body safely belt to keep them secure.

Sandra Hodgkyns, Patient Transport Services Manager