Large TV/Patient Information Screens

Screen in waiting area

During 2006/07, the League of Friends donated funding to enable 42” Plasma screens to be purchased for the Medical and Surgical Outpatient Department waiting area and the Accident and Emergency Department. These screens have proved a popular way of providing information to patients.

In January 2008, a group of staff was formed to co-ordinate the response to those areas across the Trust who wanted to have screens installed. Large format TV/LCD screens were installed in Orthopaedics, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy waiting rooms during 2008 as part of a planned refurbishment programme. Funding for further screens was sought from the League of Friends in February/March and permission granted for £17,625 to be spent. The Trust contributed £8,000 to complete the infrastructure to enable connections to the required networks.

screen in waiting area

The newly installed screens have been used over the summer months to display television. This proved to be especially popular during Wimbledon and the Olympics. Now that computers have been installed to power the screens, they will be used to display information about the hospital, such as the location and opening times of the pharmacy, restaurants and the League of Friends shop. Any problems with the bus service and public health advice can also be shown as well as up to date information about clinics in the relevant departments. This information is currently being gathered and will be in banner-style across the bottom of the screen.

The advantage of having this information in this format means that it can be kept up to date and reviewed as changes occur. This means that the data collection will be an ongoing process, and the information displayed can be tailored to the needs of patients in the individual areas. Another useful function is that important messages such as major road closures can be broadcast to all screens to keep patients informed.