League of Friends Grant leads to 6yr old's National Award

The League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital is a generous benefactor, and many people have benefitted from the grants they award. However, it can’t be often that the grant committee can bask in a success such as this! The grant given to a physiotherapist to undertake a post graduate Hippotherapy qualification led to this heart-warming story.

On September 30th 2014 Gabriela Machado-Hayden attended a Gala Dinner in the Russell Hotel in London where Claire Balding presented the 6-year old with the Riding for the Disabled’s National Award for the ‘Most Improved Rider for 2014’.

It was a spectacular event and her family were so thrilled to be there. Gabriela wore a beautiful daisy-adorned empire line dress and golden shoes with raised butterflies on the front. She was thrilled with the feel of the shapes as she has microphthalmia and is blind. She also has hypermobile joints and poor muscle stamina which meant that in 2012 she was unable to sit on her mother’s knee unsupported. She can now walk holding one adult’s hand, and can stand unsupported for over three minutes.