Recliner chairs for the Maternity Unit

Parent holding baby in the new recliner

Through funding from the League of Friends, fathers and mothers in the amenity rooms in the post-natal area of the Maternity Unit now have comfortable reclining chairs. These chairs have been particularly beneficial for new mothers who feel anxious or are unwell. There is not enough room for another bed so these chairs have enabled new dads to sleep next to mother and baby. Mums tell us this is very reassuring. Not only have the recliners been used for dads to sleep on but also new mums have found them very comfortable to use when having some skin-to-skin time with their babies.

"This generous donation enabled us to buy four of these comfortable recliners which otherwise could not have been afforded by the department.” said Mrs Fiona Coker, Head of Maternity and Neonatal Services. “We strive to enhance the environment for all mothers and families and, working with the League of Friends, we have been able to do much more."