Pulse Press Multi 3 Pro Compression System

Patient using the new pulse press machine

The Wessex Rehabilitation Centre (W.R.C.) specialises in therapy for patients following injury to, or surgery of the hand and/or upper limb and complex orthopaedic trauma. We approached the League of Friends for funding for two further Pulse Press Multi 3 Pro Compression machines for the Centre, as these machines have proven to be very reliable in daily use.

A key element to normal hand function is the natural flexibility of the fingers which is taken for granted until an injury occurs. The most common complication of any hand injury is stiffness, due to the collaborative effects of inflammation, swelling and immobility. All hands swell after injury or surgery. Swelling is an accumulation of extra body fluid, and causes many problems even if it is not visible. Most of the pain and stiffness which follows injury or surgery is due to pressure in the wound from swelling.

These Pulse Press compression machines are a highly effective, non- invasive treatment, using air compression onto the limb to move collecting fluid. They work with a gentle peristaltic action massaging the limb, effectively aiding the management of oedema. It is common for patients to use a compression machine as one component of therapy during their programme at the W.R.C. Indeed, the Centre routinely has 12 to 14 hand-surgery and orthopaedic patients in each session and these machines are in constant use.

The pulse presses are powerful, hi-tech and have fail-safe automatic deflation. They offer a 3 chamber system that provides gradient sequential compression (pressure slightly lower in each chamber – distal to proximal). Each pump requires compression garments in which to place the affected limb. These are made from a lightweight material that is cool, comfortable and durable. They are also machine-washable for improved hygiene and longer life. They have a large pull ring zip for easy application and removal. This is important as patients can set the machines up themselves once instructed.

The W.R.C. is very grateful to the League of Friends for funding two of these machines which will be of great benefit to our patients.

Susan Ford, Sister, Wessex Rehabilitation Centre