The New Pre-Operative Assessment Unit

League of Friends with Preop Assessment staff

Patients and visitors who come for assessment before their planned operation can now benefit from a fully refurbished waiting room in the Pre-Operative Assessment Unit thanks to a £3,000 donation by the League of Friends.

The money donated has been used to provide decoration and comfortable new chairs making the waiting room a more pleasant and welcoming area. The ArtCare team put a great deal of work into this project advising on colours and design, and, with the kind permission of Frances Rasch, took inspiration from her gardens at Heale House to create the mixed media and photographic works that now brighten the corridors and waiting area of the Unit.

Patients who are referred for a planned operation, attend two to six weeks beforehand for assessment of their general health and fitness for surgery. This process has significantly improved patient experience by streamlining the service and providing an opportunity to offr patients information and advice while, at the same time, performing any necessary investigations and screening procedures. If this screening was not carried out in advance of surgery, it could result in delays or cancellation for patients on the day of their operation. Prior to the development of centralised pre-operative assessment, patients often had to make several trips to hospital for various appointments and medical procedures.

We are very grateful to the League of Friends for their generosity. Before the refurbishment the waiting room met essential requirements but was rather sparse and had a cold clinical appearance. Now we have an excellent waiting area where people can wait in comfort with a pleasant and soothing visual distraction, within a calm, spacious and professional atmosphere, which reflects the quality of the care they can expect to receive.

Martine Baker, Lead Sister - Pre-Operative Assessment Unit