Currently we support around a dozen projects a year. Below are some examples of these:


Welcome artwork on Downton ward made of photo montage of local landmarks

Downton Ward upgrade

Downton Ward have created an up to date, fresh and welcoming ward atmosphere for patients and staff with the help of League of Friends funding.

November 2019 | Read More

League of Friends at memory cafe opening.

League of Friends fund innovative ‘magic table’ technology for dementia patients

Funded by the League of Friends, Salisbury District Hospital has launched a ‘Friends Memory Lane Café’, a reminiscence room for elderly patients, which includes award-winning technology, Tovertafel, otherwise known as ‘magic tables’.

October 2019 | Read More

Winners of Striving for Excellence Awards 2019

Salisbury Hospital celebrates local heroes at its ‘Striving for Excellence’ Awards 2019

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust celebrated local heroes at its ‘Striving for Excellence’ Awards last night, hosted by Spire FM’s Martin Starke and the Editor of the Salisbury Journal, Bill Browne and supported by the League of Friends.

June 2019 | Read More

Example window film design Downton Ward, by ArtCare

League of Friends funding improvements to Downton Ward

The League of Friends are pleased to announce they are funding improvements to Downton Ward to create an up-to-date, fresh and welcoming atmosphere for patients.

March 2019 | Read More

Braemar Lodge residents presenting cheque

Our thanks to the residents of Braemar Lodge

Last week we were delighted to receive a cheque for £2066.80 from Braemar Lodge, who chose us as their nominated charity for 2018.

March 2019 | Read More


League of Friends stall at Christmas Fayre

Hospital volunteers thank Salisbury care home for Christmas market

Volunteers who dedicate time to help Salisbury Hospital have thanked residents and staff at a city care home for staging a Christmas market in aid of their work.

December 2018 | Read More

Patient using the new Hilotherm unit

The benefits of a Hilotherm Unit

The League of Friends fully supported a bid from the Oral and Maxillofacial Unit and the nursing staff on Laverstock to purchase a Hilotherm unit to be used on patients undergoing corrective jaw surgery at Salisbury District Hospital.

November 2018 | Read More

'River Test from the Boot Inn at Houghton’, black and white photo by Hugh  Lohan

ArtCare Open Exhibition

ArtCare, the charitably-funded art service for the hospital, arranges around 10 exhibitions annually. These benefit patients, staff and visitors and show work by local art artists. The highlight of the year is the Open Exhibition, which is sponsored by the Salisbury Hospital League of Friends.

October 2018 | Read More

luxury trolley for Braemar Lodge residents

Braemar Lodge - 'luxury' trolley

Each year the residents of the Braemar Lodge vote to select a charity to support. This year, 2018, the League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital was chosen because in the words of one of the residents, Helen, "It is the little things that really make a difference."

September 2018 | Read More

summer barbecue at Braemar Lodge care home in Salisbury,

Charity BBQ hits all the right notes

Residents at Colten Care’s Braemar Lodge welcomed dozens of guests for a music-filled summer barbecue in aid of Salisbury Hospital League of Friends.

August 2018 | Read More

Breast reconstruction staff with League Chairman David Stratton with new nipple tattoo machine

Nipple tattoo machine

A generous donation of funds from Salisbury Hospital League of Friends has allowed the purchase of a new medical grade nipple tattoo machine.

August 2018 | Read More

comfort pack for relatives of end of life patients

League supports End of Life Care with funds for comfort packs.

The funds from the League will cover the purchase of resources and materials that are necessary to continue offering relative comfort packs for the loved ones of patients who are in their last days of life.

July 2018 | Read More

Braemar Lodge, Salisbury

Braemar Lodge selects League of Friends for its charity in 2018

We are delighted that Braemar Lodge Care Home has selected the League of Friends as its charity for 2018.

May 2018 | Read More

Striving for Excellence award winners 2018

Staff rewarded for services to patients at Salisbury District Hospital

The League of Friends are proud sponsors of the 2018 Striving for Excellence Awards to recognise the contributions made by the outstanding staff of Salisbury District Hospital.

January 2018 | Read More


Cara Charles-Barks, Chief Executive

A message from our Chief Executive

I want to thank the League for their support over the last 60 years and the sponsorship of our Striving for Excellence Awards.

December 2017 | Read More

Maternity staff practising with the new manikin

Manikins improve the training of maternity nurses

The League of Friends has provided funding to Maternity Services to purchase two basic newborn resuscitation manikins and two advanced manikins.

December 2017 | Read More

GP spinal x-ray dept waiting area

Improvements to GP Spinal X-ray department

The waiting area and entrance to GP Spinal X-ray has been transformed to provide a fresh, welcoming environment for the many patients who come through the department.

October 2017 | Read More

Nipple tattooing machine

Nipple tattooing machine and service

With the help of Macmillan and The League of Friends, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is purchasing a new medical grade nipple tattoo machine.

September 2017 | Read More

Striving for Excellence awards logo

League of Friends sponsor Striving for Excellence awards

Customer care is one of the award categories in Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust’s Striving for Excellence Awards, which this year is sponsored by the Salisbury Hospital League of Friends.

September 2017 | Read More

BBQ for hospital staff

Without any doubt, the staff are the NHS’s greatest asset and to recognise this chief executive, Cara Charles-Barks and the senior management laid on a summer BBQ on the Green at Salisbury District Hospital to say thank you for the excellent work they do.

August 2017 | Read More

Salisbury District Hospital Carers' Cafe

With the growing number of carers the Carers’ Café has become a vital source of emotional support. Located within Springs restaurant it had its grand opening in July 2015.

February 2017 | Read More


Surgical Assessment Unit

Following building works to create a new Surgical Assessment Unit, the League of Friends generously supported the Department in adding the finishing touches to the new unit.

December 2016 | Read More

'Uplifting' hospital

A refurbishment of the lifts, carried out by the hospital’s Estates Team, gave ArtCare the opportunity to create a more visually appealing display for the many patients, staff and visitors who use the lifts every day.

November 2016 | Read More

Supporting the Lymphoedema Service

The League of Friends first supported the Lymphoedema Service in 2014 to assist them to purchase a Hydroven Pump to perform the lymphatic drainage that had traditionally been done manually. This has dramatically increased the number of patients that can be treated.

July 2016 | Read More

League of Friends contributes to Maternity Training

The Maternity department is now running PRactical Obstetric MultiProfessional Training ( PROMPT) courses at Salisbury District Hospital. This is described as best practice to ensure that Obstetric emergencies are managed consistently and correctly.

April 2016 | Read More


League of Friends grant leads to 6yr old's National Award

The League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital is a generous benefactor, and many people have benefitted from the grants they award. However, it can’t be often that the grant committee can bask in a success such as this!

November 2015 | Read More

Innovative communication therapy software

On behalf of the Adult Speech and Language Therapy Service and our patients – ‘Thank You’ to The League of Friends for helping us deliver an innovative and high quality service for people with communication difficulties following Stroke and Brain Injury.

July 2015 | Read More

Aspects of the Elevate Programme

During the financial year 2014 – 15, Elevate has been able to deliver more sessions to patients due to the generous support, once again, from The League of Friends.

May 2015 | Read More


Salisbury Urology Centre

Thanks to a kind donation of over £7000 by the League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital, the clinic rooms and waiting areas have been greatly enhanced by ArtCare, providing art displays and comfortable seating throughout the centre.

September 2014 | Read More

The League of Friends celebrates 60yrs of service

On 6th April 1954, a public meeting was held in Salisbury Guildhall, chaired by the then Mayor, Councillor Hedley Annetts. The purpose of the meeting was to see whether there would be enough desire to set up a new organisation, composed entirely of volunteers, to support the local hospitals and health community. Indeed there was! The Salisbury League of Friends was born!

April 2014 | Read More


Radio Odstock's 60th birthday celebrations

A Bank Holiday weekend of non-stop presentation of music, chat, invited guests and much more; and the League of Friends, along with various companies and individuals, very kindly supported the occasion.

May 2013 | Read More

Recliner chairs for the Maternity Unit

Through funding from the League of Friends, fathers and mothers in the amenity rooms in the post-natal area of the Maternity Unit now have comfortable reclining chairs.

March 2013 | Read More


Bedroom in the Neonatal family accommodation funded by League of Friends gift

£20,000 from League helps Stars Appeal fund Neonatal Family Accommodation

Local parents whose babies are born prematurely or critically ill at Salisbury District Hospital can now stay at the Neonatal Unit where their baby is being cared for.

October 2012 | Read More

George Todd opening the new Infusion Suite

Rheumatology Infusion Suite

League of Friends agreed funding for new Infusion Suite to provide a better experience for patients in a clean, safe environment with much improved privacy and dignity.

September 2012 | Read More

Patient using the new Pulse Press machine

Pulse Press Multi 3 Pro Compression System

The Wessex Rehabilitation Centre is very grateful to the League of Friends for funding two of these machines which will be of great benefit to our patients

July 2012 | Read More


Children rolling down grassy bank, photo by Karen Hitchlock for Look at Me! project

Look at Me!

‘Look at Me!’ is a photographic project organised by ArtCare and funded by grants from The Wellcome Trust, The League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital and The Wessex Rehabilitation Foundation Trust Fund, to give a voice to families in the process of cleft lip and palate corrective surgery.

September 2010 | Read More

Patients using the exercise bikes

Exercise Bikes for the Physiotherapy Department

League of Friends fund replacement bikes for patient rehabilitation.

June 2010 | Read More

Bedside entertainment system on spinal unit giving patients full control

League of Friends helps Spinal Patients be in Control

Made possible by a donation from the League of Friends, a new bedside entertainment system now installed in the Spinal Unit includes a television screen on an extending arm, but also a control panel for patients to control the lighting in their area or use the call bell.

January 2010 | Read More


Large scale images opposite Burns Unit windows

Improving Views from the Burns Unit High Dependency Rooms

The Burns Unit is extremely grateful to the League of Friends for their contribution to improve the views for patients and create an aspect of natural imagery on the opposite wall.

November 2009 | Read More

League with preop assessment staff

The New Pre-Operative Assessment Unit

Patients and visitors who come for assessment before their planned operation can now benefit from a fully refurbished waiting room in the Pre-Operative Assessment Unit thanks to a £3,000 donation by the League of Friends.

January 2009 | Read More


Presenting the PDT equipment

Topical Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

We are extremely grateful to the League of Friends and Wessex Cancer Trust who provided the funding for the light source and the super cooler for PDT respectively.

April 2008 | Read More

TV screen in waiting room

Large TV/Patient Information Screens

During 2006/07, the League of Friends donated funding to enable 42” Plasma screens to be purchased for the Medical and Surgical Outpatient Department waiting area and the Accident and Emergency Department

February 2008 | Read More

Staxi wheelchair

Staxi wheelchairs

A successful bid was made to the League of Friends and twenty ‘Staxi’ wheelchairs were purchased.

January 2008 | Read More


Presenting cheque

Keyhole Surgery at Salisbury District Hospital

The Stars Appeal is delighted to have received a donation of £100,000 from the League of Friends towards its Keyhole Cancer Campaign.

November 2007 | Read More

George Todd and at the IVF workstation with staff

Specialist equipment donated to Fertility Centre

Patients and staff in the Salisbury District Hospital Fertility Centre will benefit from new specialist equipment thanks to a £19,500 donation from the Salisbury League of Friends.

July 2007 | Read More

Staff gathering round new birth pool

New Birthing for Maternity Services

It was with great expectation that the maternity unit here in Salisbury accepted the generous donation of a new birthing pool from the League of Friends.

July 2007 | Read More

Presenting skin cooling device to laser centre staff

Wessex Specialist Laser Centre – Skin Cooling Device

Staff at the Wessex Specialist Laser Centre were delighted to be presented with a skin cooling system by the League of Friends to aid the discomfort of patients undergoing skin laser therapy.

March 2007 | Read More


Presenting the new minibus to Hillcote

Donation of a Minibus to Hillcote Respite Service

Hillcote now has a mini bus, which was kindly donated to us by the League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital, and this enables the children to access opportunities that other children can enjoy.

September 2006 | Read More

Patient with nurse using new recliner

The Pembroke Suite

We are grateful to the League of Friends for providing £5,000 to purchase reclinable seats so that patients receiving chemotherapy can be more comfortable.

March 2006 | Read More


League presenting new portable ultrasound machine to Vascular team

Portable Ultrasound Machine for Vascular Unit

A very generous £17,500 contribution was made by the League of Friends to purchase a portable Doppler Ultrasound Machine.

December 2005 | Read More

League presenting Patient Transport team with stair climber

Stair Climbers for Patient Transport

Patients and staff in the Salisbury District Hospital Fertility Centre will benefit from new specialist equipment thanks to a £19,500 donation from the Salisbury League of Friends.

May 2005 | Read More