Manikins improve the training of maternity nurses

Nicky Galdeano, one of the new-born life support instructors running a drill

The League of Friends has provided funding to Maternity Services to purchase two basic newborn resuscitation manikins and two advanced manikins. These manikins will be used in simulation training for newborn life support to train our multidisciplinary staff group in line with Resuscitation Council UK recommendations.

Newborn life support skills are often called upon in an emergency situation, causing significant stress to the individual. The manikins will mean that staff are able to practice all skills required and, as a result of the advanced element, receive feedback on their effectiveness, in a safe environment. This type of manikin has been used in adult simulation training with proven benefit to clinical practice for some time and is now being used for newborn simulation with equally beneficial effect. Thus, because we are not called upon to resuscitate babies frequently, enhancing the skills and confidence of those who might be required to do so will improve outcomes for newborns.

We are very grateful to the League for donating the entire funds required to enable us to purchase the most up to date manikins, which will enable both maternity and neonatal staff to participate in frequent real time simulation drills in new-born life support.

Nicky Galdeano and Frances Williamson - Maternity Services