Best Practice Maternity Training

The Maternity department is now running PRactical Obstetric MultiProfessional Training ( PROMPT) courses at Salisbury District Hospital. This is described as best practice to ensure that Obstetric emergencies are managed consistently and correctly.

To enable the Obstetricians, Anaesthetists, Midwives, support staff and the theatre teams to participate in PROMPT, a new ‘simulation mother’ was needed to enable teams to have hands on experience in dealing with emergency scenarios in a 'safe' environment. The League of Friends generously supported the department in the purchase of the new, most up-to-date PROMPT trainer, which is fairly realistic and provides the hands-on experience needed. This model has enhanced the training that the Maternity Department have been able to provide to staff and has actually improved the performance of the medical and midwifery clinicians in real life situations. We extend our sincere thanks to the help that the League of Friends have given us.