Supporting the Lymphoedema Service

Lymphoedema patient

The League of Friends first supported the Lymphoedema Service in 2014 to assist them to purchase a Hydroven Pump to perform the lymphatic drainage that had traditionally been done manually. This has dramatically increased the number of patients that can be treated.

Charlotte Draper with the Delphin moisture meter

More recently we have provided funding for a Delphin Moisture Meter to help in the analysis of the condition of patients. Lipoedema has similar symptoms to Lymphoedema but the treatment required is very different.

To help in making a differential diagnosis, the Delfin Moisture Meter D is a very valuable tool. The meter is a small, portable, easy to use instrument and reliably and accurately measures fluid in the tissues, down to a depth of 2 mm, by being placed gently against the skin. The method is completely painless and non-invasive, and the results are displayed immediately on the LCD display panel as a percentage of local tissue water (0 – 100%), normal values being between 25 – 45 %. This clearly visible display helps the patients to understand their diagnosis, and can be very motivating as regular measurements with the moisture meter can demonstrate the progress and effectiveness of treatment as fluid reduces.

"The moisture meter has already proved a valuable tool in assisting us with making a correct diagnosis enabling us to give the best possible treatment to patients, and to make more efficient use of time and resources “ said Charlotte Draper, Vascular Nurse Specialist. “Once again our thanks go the League of Friends for providing us with the funds to purchase this very helpful and valuable piece of equipment."