Supporting us with a legacy

Information about legacies to The League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital

Making a will is something that everyone should consider. It is not only an opportunity to make provision for family and friends, but also to pledge gifts to those charities which you care about and may have supported already. Such gifts in wills are called legacies. The pecuniary legacy which provides a gift of a fixed sum of money is the most common.

There are other forms of legacy that will depend on personal circumstances:

  • a specific legacy – a gift of specific investments or objects
  • a residuary legacy – a gift of the whole, or a share, of the residue of your estate, that is after all debts and other legacies have been paid
  • a reversionary legacy – a gift which is payable after the death of someone else, such as a spouse

Whilst we cannot give tax advice, a gift to a charity in the United Kingdom is usually free from Inheritance Tax, which may have the effect of reducing the amount of any Inheritance Tax payable.

We are a local charity that focuses on the small projects that bring significant benefits to patients and their families. Your support through a legacy would enable us to continue our activities into the future and you can be confident that the people served by your hospital will be the ultimate beneficiaries of your kindness.

So please consider giving a legacy to The League of Friends. If you already have a will and do not want to make any other changes to it, you can make a codicil to your will, which is a brief supplement and is relatively easy to do.

You will need to contact a solicitor to draft your will or codicil. The solicitor will need the following information:

  • Our full name – The League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital
  • Our Charity Number – 298726
  • Our address - The Treasurer, The League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital, Finance Department, Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury, SP2 8BJ

Thank you in anticipation of your generosity.