Exercise Bikes for the Physiotherapy Department

Patients using the exercise bikes

The physiotherapy outpatient service at Salisbury District Hospital is a busy department assessing approximately 7,000 new patients and around 20,000 follow-up appointments each year. We receive referrals from all over the surrounding Wiltshire area from Rheumatology, Orthopaedics, GP, midwifery and other professional clinicians. Gym-based exercise is a regular part of rehabilitation at the department. Cycle machines currently form part of our gym circuit programme covering various forms of orthopaedic knee surgery classes, back education and vascular and general lower limb rehabilitation. Cycling is one of the key methods used to rehabilitate such groups of patients, and is a regularly used technique when introducing weight bearing post fracture, and improving range of movement following total knee replacement.

Recently, a review of the equipment in the department highlighted that our two static exercise bikes were not serviceable, and therefore did not meet the required safety standard for hospital use. This had an impact on the working of our exercise class by reducing the equipment available to improve lower limb range and strength. After discussing the matter with the League of Friends committee, they most generously agreed to support our application for replacement bikes. The bikes have now been fully installed into our gym, and are once again a regular part of our class circuit programme and one-to-one rehabilitation.

The feedback from the patients is that the new bikes have easy-to-use features, and have been a great addition to the class. Without support from the League of Friends, it would not have been possible to purchase the bikes, and on behalf of all the physiotherapists and patients at Salisbury, I would like to thank you very much.

Jonathan Northcott (MCSP)