Aspects of the Elevate programme

patient enjoying Elevate ward session. Photo by John Rose

During the financial year 2014–15, Elevate has been able to deliver more sessions to patients due to the generous support, once again, from The League of Friends.

The programme began delivering 3 creative arts sessions per day, 3 days a week, in September 2013. Several wards requested further sessions in each week soon after the programme started, so, with the financial support from the League, Elevate extended the programme to 4 sessions per day, 3 times a week. This has meant that wards, such as Redlynch, Winterslow, Farley and Durrington, have been able to enjoy 2 Elevate sessions each week, allowing longer stay patients time to get to know our musicians, dancers, poetry and storytellers and to build up a rapport with them. This has proved very successful, as an artist, working on one day, can indicate to another artist, working later that same week, the patients who are most in need of creative interventions. Patients request their favourite music/songs/poems and can look forward to another visit, sooner than the following week, which frequently supports their wellbeing and morale whilst in hospital.

Sarah Collins, Elevate’s regular pianist, describes a session in Pitton ward "I was asked to set up on the far side of the main reception, which I duly did… Nice words from several doctors here, one of whom said she loved it when I was in, as it was so calming and relaxing. I met a patient I had seen on a different ward, who was very appreciative, and a sweet moment came when one of the nurses asked me to come and play Happy Birthday to a woman in a side room who had no visitors, while a group of nurses all sang."