Salisbury District Hospital Carers' Cafe

With the growing number of carers the Carers’ Café has become a vital source of emotional support. Located within Springs restaurant it had its grand opening in July 2015. For the first 6 months, it was held fortnightly but, due to popular demand, it was changed to weekly in January 2016. Hospital staff help run the café, but it is the volunteers that really make it. It has enthusiastic support from the local Alzheimer’s Society, Age UK and Carers in Wiltshire who come along every week to chat and offer advice to anyone who wants it.

“We are very privileged and grateful to have the financial support from the Salisbury League of Friends who pay for all our sundries including teas, coffees and cake. Without their help the café would not be thriving as it is today” said Dr. Jonathan Drayson, the café’s co-founder and elderly care specialist registrar.

It is very much hoped that the café will become part of the fabric of care in the hospital for several years to come. With ongoing support, it can become a lifeline for many people at what can be a very difficult time for them. The café would welcome extra support and anyone who wishes to volunteer to help run the café would be very welcome.