Improving Views from the Burns Unit High Dependency Rooms

Large scale images opposite Burns Unit windows

In 2006 the move of the Burns Unit to its current location in the heart of the hospital was indeed a big step forward. The new facilities are excellent, and with the proximity of our unit to the operating theatres together with the dedicated burns theatre in the unit, our ability to deliver quality care has increased considerably. However, the new accommodation falls short in one major aspect: the views from the high dependency rooms. From these patients look out on a vast wall of dull grey corrugated metal.

As a solution to this problem the ArtCare department has researched the options of installing a large mural of interest on the corrugated wall. Something similar was done successfully on a blind wall at Poole Hospital. A draft design proposal was created showing four large scale photographic banners (approx size 2 x 6 metres) depicting water in its varied but always cooling character, from calm river to turbulent waterfall. After a consultation process with patients, staff and the Burns Unit support group (BUGS), the best images to be used on this scale were selected and produced on panels, The works were installed in November 2009.

It is hoped that a solution of this aspect and quality will provide the patients in the Burns Unit with an interesting, imaginative view that will take them out of their physical confinement, and has at the same time solved this difficult architectural problem. The Burns Unit is extremely grateful to the League of Friends for their contribution to improve the views for patients and create an aspect of natural imagery on the opposite wall.

Heidi Lewis, Sister, Burns Unit