Braemar Lodge - 'luxury' trolley

Luxury trolley for Braemar Lodge residents

Braemar Lodge is a purpose- built care home located in Salisbury, family-owned and run by Colten Care Ltd, and each year the residents of the Home vote to select a charity to support. This year, 2018, the League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital was chosen because in the words of one of the residents, Helen, "It is the little things that really make a difference."

There was a Garden Party in June and, at the beginning of August, two Trustees, Alix Ricketts and Martin Smith, with Rita Taylor, a volunteer at the sweetshop in the hospital foyer, attended a barbecue at the Home. It was held in their well-kept, attractive garden, on a beautiful sunny day and we were treated to delicious food and enjoyable music. Afterwards, Alix and Rita chatted with the residents and distributed some of their well-known, scrumptious sweets. There will be a Christmas Market on November 20th between 6-8pm. On this occasion, the League of Friends will be selling a selection of Christmas goodies. During these events, Braemar Lodge intend to collect funds for the League.

Many of the residents are unable to get to the shops personally, and although they have a regular trolley shop at Braemar to buy the basic things, they would like to have access to more 'up-market' items. Therefore, in October, after discussion with a staff member and a resident, Rita plans to take a 'luxury trolley' around the Home, which hopefully will be successful and continue on a regular basis with the support of other League volunteers.

The League of Friends is very grateful for the support from the residents and staff of Braemar Lodge.

Rita Taylor - Shop Volunteer