Our thanks to the residents of Braemar Lodge

Braemar Lodge residents present cheque to the League of Friends

Last week we were delighted to receive a cheque for £2066.80 from Braemar Lodge, who chose us as their nominated charity for 2018. Every year the residents vote for a charity to support through the year and last year they chose the League of Friends. We participated in a number of events during the year and this was the total collected at these events.

The cheque was presented by Iris Stowell, a very young 102 years old, to Alix Ricketts who represented the League. Further donations were gathered by collection boxes in Braemar Lodge, which have brought the total donations to nearly £2,500. David Stratton, Chairman of the League said “We really appreciate the efforts of the residents in raising such a large sum and have very much enjoyed our close relationship with them during the course of last year.”

Are you looking to support a charity this year? Your support would gratefully received!