New Birthing for Maternity Services

Maternity staff gathered around the new birth pool

It was with great expectation that the maternity unit here in Salisbury accepted the generous donation of a new birthing pool from the League of Friends. The pool replaces a 10 year old pool and provides an upgraded model with several new features. The pool has integral light, which allows the mother and her birthing partner to watch the magical moments of their baby’s birth with greater clarity. It has a seat moulded within the pool to offer greater comfort and an additional option for women to use to change position during labour and the birth.

Many women choose the birthing pool to ease the process of the labour, allowing them to move around effortlessly, feeling warm and comfortable. The sensation of the warm water helps to soothe and relax women, while helping them to stay in a more upright position, which helps the birth process. The positive experience of being supported in this comfortable environment means women choose to birth their baby in this tranquil atmosphere. The baby is birthed by the mother into the warm water and they spend their first minutes together in this special place.

On behalf of the maternity unit and the women who have benefitted from this lovely gift, we would like to say a big thank you to all those people who have raised funds on behalf of the League of Friends to make this possible.